Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, our chaotic and yet sophisticated and captivating capital, is the perfect city to get lost. Walk around this unique blend of Europe and South America, bringing the best of both to a city nicknamed ¨The Paris of South America¨, reflected in its gastronomy, culture and architecture. From modern to traditional neighborhoods, theaters to football stadiums, fine dining to rooftop bars or polo to tango lessons, this city has it all.

Highlights: Cultural, Architectural, Tango & Nightlife, Food & Wine, Polo.

Best time to visit: All year round

Destino Argentina - Mapa Buenos Aires

The Pampas

Discover the world of gauchos! The Pampas possess delightful villages where it seems the time has not passed by and with many stories waiting to be told. Old estancias, became the perfect lodge for your stay, where our people will be honored to host you while discovering our traditions and enjoying our world famous asado in a table that always has room for one more guest!

Highlights: Paraná River Delta, Gauchos, Caballos y estancias de Argentina. Polo.

Best time to visit: All year round

Destino Argentina - Mapa Pampas

Iguazú, Misiones

Puerto Iguazú in Misiones, should be a must seen in everyone´s list. The region exudes a seductive and amazing subtropical forest and fauna, enhanced by the unhurried lifestyle of the local and a warm, humid climate. This is where the red land contrasts with the scenery of powerful cascades, such us the mighty Iguazú Falls. In addition, follow the tracks of the old Jesuitics Reductions and unveil the mystery about the yerba mate that argentinians can not live without!

Highlights: Nature, Rainforest Iguazú Falls

Best time to visit: March to June and September to December

Destino Argentina - Mapa Iguazu


Iberá wetlands, the Argentinian best kept secret, is the most astounding wildlife-watching destination in Argentina. Iberá, our country´s largest National Park, with more than 3.000.000 acres, 60 mammal species, 50 kinds of reptiles, 35 types of amphibians and 110 fish species that coexist in harmony, is a paradise where seeing the fauna on its natural habitat is ensured.

Highlights: Wetlands, Fauna, Cultural (Gauchos)

Best time to visit: March to June and September to December

Destino Argentina - Mapa Ibera

Salta & Jujuy

Charming, colorful, calm and unique. That is Salta Jujuy, cherishing many hidden treasures and stunning sights, National Parks and cultural gems. From the wineries at high altitude of Cafayate to salt flats, you can not help to marvel as soon as you arrive!

A wild and rarely explored land of soaring volcanoes, blindingly white saline lakes, tropical forest reserves and fertile valleys dotted with dusty pre-hispanic and colonial settlements.

Together with the ancient cultural past to be discovered, the area also boasts amazing off the beaten paths and boutique vineyards perched on picturesque hillsides that produce some of the best wines in Argentina.

Highlights: Nature, Food Wine, Cultural

Best time to visit: March to December

Destino Argentina - Mapa Salta


This small province contains more than you can imagine. Get lost in one of the many trekking paths in Las Yungas, a peaceful and refreshing mountain rainforest or defy yourself and try paragliding! However, do not forget that Tucumán also has valuable history that remains there in its many archeological sites.

Highlights: Nature, Outdoor sports, Cultural

Best time to visit: March to December

Destino Argentina - Mapa Tucuman


For many, the Argentine winelands experience is here, for others, the possibility of conquering the Aconcagua Mountain. Mendoza, is the landscape framed by the Andes Mountains that welcomes you with its beautiful colors, shapes and of course, sophisticated malbec. First level cuisine, a wide range of accommodation and adventure, will definitely be a part of your journey here.

Highlights: Nature, Food Wine, outdoor sports

Best time to visit: November to April (Food wine); July - September (ski)

Destino Argentina - Mapa Mendoza


This enchanting destination’s signature trademarks are the Jesuit Ruins its natural beauty.

Córdoba is a veritable wonderland with rolling hills that slink way into the distance. Cordoba does not disappoint with the variety and scope of the rivers, waterfalls, gorges and hillsides on offer, seeming meant to be for horseback riding. For closuring, Córdoba gets colored pink in Ansenuza National Park, home of three different flamenco species.

Highlights: Nature, Cultural, Birdwatching

Best time to visit: September to May

Destino Argentina - Mapa Cordoba


Lake District

Soak up the storybook scenery of lush forests, pristine lakes and majestic mountains in the Lake District, from San Martín de los Andes to Bariloche. Every season there is a different show displayed by nature, and also a different playground is set for the visitors. During winter go skiing and in the summer, enjoy mountain-biking, kayaking or trekking, among many others. Please do not forget to try the Patagonian delights with a side of landscapes that we hold dear!

Highlights: Nature, outdoor sports, Food Wine

Best time to visit: September to March; July - September (ski)

Destino Argentina - Mapa Lake District

Patagonian Coast

In the outreaches of fabled Patagonia, witness the Southern Right Whale mating season, view feisty Southern Elephant Seals fight for their harems, whimsical Magellanic Penguins nest in burrows by the thousands, snorkel with frolicsome Southern Sea Lions and awe at Orcas beaching to hunt their offspring. On land, herds of native guanaco camelid roam freely, flocks of Lesser Rhea abound, Patagonian Mara, Austral fox and Hairy Armadillo, are all easily seen. A birder's haven provides a non-ending check-list, come what may, nature is never spent.

Highlights: Fauna, Nature, Cultural

Best time to visit: September to March, September-November (Whale watching)

Destino Argentina - Mapa Patagonian Coast

El Calafate & El Chaltén

Chaltén, is the ultimate escape to rewild yourself in communion with nature. Off-grid tranquility is keyhere. Pick trekking experiences to suit your level of contemplation or thrill, the variety of paths never ends.

Calafate, world famous for the Perito Moreno glacier, is a sight to behold that leaves you breathless, literally. Hardly seen somewhere else on Earth, walking on the glacier ice is a fascinating opportunity here. After happily freezing, rest at one of the many Patagonian Estancias in this UNESCO World Heritage Site of savage magnificence.

Highlights: Nature, outdoor sports

Best time to visit: October to April

Destino Argentina - Mapa Calafate - Chalten

Ushuaia - Tierra del Fuego

The mystique of the End of the World comes alive in the archipelago of Tierra del Fuego, a symbol of wilderness that remains the edge of the inhabited world. Ushuaia, flanked by the Beagle Channel and its tumultuous waters, once sailed by Charles Darwin, is the most austral city and besides its own beauty, is the main door of entrance for Antártida.

Highlights: Nature, Food, outdoor sports

Best time to visit: November to March; June-September (ski)

Destino Argentina - Mapa Ushuaia - Tierra del Fuego